Parshat Vayishlach

This is going to be a very short posting. I’m one week behind on the Parsha and stuff is happening!

This Parsha includes angels. Yakov sends angels ahead of him to Esau who is in Edom. They return with the ominous news that Esau is coming with four hundred men. The night after he sets up his family, an angel wrestles with him all night. Yakov demands to know his name and then asks for a blessing.

According to the most wonderful Rabbi Lazer Gurkow of London, Ontario (who I had the wonderful fortune of meeting one Tisha B’Av in London, and enjoyed a lovely dinner after the fast with him and his wife) angels are constantly interceding on our behalf. According to Rabbi Gurkow:

Our sages taught that every word of our prayers summons an angel who collects it, cleanses it and perfects it, and presents it to G‑d. If the word was enunciated improperly, the angel remolds it so that it is presented correctly. If it was said without proper mindfulness, or worse, if it was chanted with inappropriate thoughts, the angel removes the stray thought and presents the prayer to G‑d in pristine form.

And so, with angels in mind here comes this Parsha’s recipe.

I know, it’s too obvious.

It had to be angel food cake. Right?

Problem is, I wanted something a little healthier. So I found this AMAZING website that’s low-carb, gluten-free, and sugar-free. The thing about her site though… is that the food isn’t gross! As in not ugly, health-foody, dishes. So I baked a recipe that looks like angel food cake but is incredibly healthy. Here it is: Healthy Cake with a Secret. (unbelievable – you will not believe it.)

I’ll let you go to the link – here’s my version of it:



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